Ice Cream Dog: The Thai Way of Eating Ice Cream

Before summer is over and it will be too cold to eat ice cream (it will actually never be too cold to eat ice cream, ever), I thought I will post this yummy and convenient method of eating ice cream. This is how I ate it as a kid from the ice cream cart that rang their bells near our school. Ice cream dog is the appropriate way to call it, I think. I have posted a few great ice cream recipes that you can make from coconut milk. My most favorite has to be the banana pecan palm sugar one that I adapted from Baked cookbook. I found that substituting coconut milk for cream or milk in other recipes have always worked for me. Use coconut cream for cream and coconut milk for milk. Many other recipe

Vermicelli with Chili Jam

The best part of running Thai Fresh, apart from working with the best employees, chatting about nothing and everything with customers, receiving deliveries from local farmers, is being able to change our menu everyday all day long. It's more challenging and fun to always have to think what to make for our small rotating menu of about 14 items. I spend a lot of my time reading old Thai cookbooks, and I mean old, 20 to 30 years old, that my parents brought from Thailand when they came visit. Creating dishes from what's around us is part of our family tradition. My mom and I were always coming up with new recipes that we could use with whatever we had in our garden, our fridge and our pantry. M

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