Thai Fresh Cookbook Project

Chef Jam is writing a new cookbook. Our kickstarter campaign was 110% funded and we are well on our way into production. This book was created as a solution; a key to understanding the techniques and combinations of flavors in Thai cuisine. This cookbook is the result of 16 years of teaching people how to cook. It was inspired by all of the experiments, all of the comments made in class, all of the feedback we have received, all of the the fears expressed, and the modifications made by students to make the food their own. It's all here.


This new Thai Fresh cookbook will contain about 75+ recipes that have been tried and tested. These recipes use ingredients that are readily available at your farmers' markets. The book will incorporate 10 coconut milk based ice cream recipes from our new brand Gati. The book will also contain a section about wine pairing by Rae Wilson of Wine for the People


Preorder your cookbooks before they hit the shelf in Fall 2020.