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Vegan Ice Cream

We make all of our ice creams in house with coconut milk. The ingredients are simple. We always use organic fair trade evaporated cane juice and local seasonal fruits. The ice creams are served on its own or with traditional sweet sticky rice. Voted Best Vegan Ice Cream by Austin Chronicle.


our rotating flavors include

Dark Chocolate

Golden Milk Turmeric

Mango Lime

Texas Peach

Mint Chocolate Chip

Sweet Potato Pie

Texas Corn

Salty Tamarind

Lavender Vegan Caramel Swirl

Ginger Lemongrass

Coconut Lime

Mer-man (Pandan w/ spirulina & palm sugar)

Strawberry Thai Basil (seasonal)

Blackberry (seasonal)

Peach (seasonal)

Thai Coffee

Thai Tea


Mint Chip

Cookie Monster (Blue spirulina with housemate vegan oreo and chocolate chip cookies)


Black Sticky Rice Horchata

Just to name a few.

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