Yellow curry

It has been a while since I last posted. The restaurant is going really well and I am loving every second of it. Waking up to go to work sti

Stir Fried Pumpkin and Egg : Pad Fak Tong

I always forget how delicious this dish is until the end of each year when pumpkins are everywhere. Although a little late in the game since Halloween is long gone, you can still find pumpkin at the grocery store and farmers' market until the end of winter. This is a great side dish for Holiday Parties. If you haven't thought of what to cook for your Christmas dinner, this is definitely a winner. My favorite winter squash to use for cooking is kombucha squash. The meat of kombucha squash is dense and it stands up to cooking very well. This is one of my mom's favorite dish. My brother who was a picky eater, and still is actually, loves this dish. I recently taught a Thai twist Thanksgiving cl

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