Garlic Pepper Pork Ribs

First you have good pork ribs and then you fry them, not much can go wrong between those two. The marinade is super easy and super delicious

Pumpkin Stir Fry

I always forget how delicious this dish is until the end of each year when pumpkins are everywhere. Although a little late in the game since Halloween is long gone, you can still find pumpkin at grocery store and farmers' market until end of winter. This is a great side dish for Holiday Parties. If you haven't thought of what to cook for your Christmas dinner, this is definitely a winner. My favorite winter squash to use for cooking is kombucha squash. The meat of kombucha squash is dense and it stands up to cooking very well. This is one of my mom's favorite dish. My brother who was a picky eater, and still is actually, loves this dish. I recently taught a Thai twist Thanksgiving class and

Tofu Delight

It's summer in Texas and we have a lot of peppers to spare. I adapted this recipe from a chicken version that my mom made when she visited. I love the beautiful color combination of the darker firm tofu, onions and bell peppers so I named it Tofu Delight. You can substitute chicken or pork for tofu.​ As for tofu, I use firm tofu for this dish. To fry, take the tofu out from the water. Sit the tofu pieces on kitchen towels and then cover those pieces with another towel and put something heavy on top to release water from tofu blocks. That way, when you fry, it will not splash the oil everywhere. To fry tofu, cut them to bite size, fill up a pot (a dutch over is best or any medium size pot wil

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