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Top guard dogs for your personal protection - 2022 Guide

Do you feel like there is a void in your life? If everything is normal and you still cannot feel happy, there is a chance you might be having some mental issues. But what is the remedy to this? You may be having trouble opening up to other people. In such cases, an emotional support animal could be the lifesaver. Now you have a list of breeds that you can choose from that serve both purposes. The thing to note here is that you must apply for an ESA letter first before you move ahead. They make life much easier and grant you and the animal many rights. You may want to travel with your animal on a vacation or at the same time move to a new apartment. Landlords and the airlines can be really picky. You must show the legitimacy of the animal to be granted access to facilities.

A dog could be your preferred animal. Another main feature of a dog is that they are known to protect their wonders and surroundings. Such animals can also be best guard dogs as well, especially if you choose the right breed. Here are some of the dogs that guard and comfort at the same time.

Guard Dogs as ESAs

  • German Shepherds are the obvious choice that comes to mind when you think of dogs that can guard. But do you know they are some of the best ESA dogs? They can give you the necessary comfort through their attitude. If they feel you are threatened, they will protect you.

  • Bullmastiff is another breed that you can adopt as your esa letter for housing and guardian. They have a huge build and may not respond well to any intrusion. But the best part is that they tend to make a strong bond with the owners. Ultimately they will help you overcome any issues that you might have.

  • Rottweilers are quite intimidating. They used to protect cattle. That is why they can be thought of as great protectors. They can give you the essential support you need. If they sense you are not feeling well, they will respond accordingly. But to qualify it as an ESA, get an emotional support animal letter now. The reliable sources can give you the most authentic one that you need.

  • Tibetan Mastiff is also another candidate for the duty. They have a muscular build and are great guards. But if you want to get the emotional support, they can also be best at this as well. Cuddling with animals can be quite relieving and it has been proven scientifically to be beneficial. It helps to promote the release of hormones that make you feel relaxed.

  • Akita is a breed that is quite suspicious of those who might not be familiar to them. That is why they help to protect you from any strangers. But at the same time, they are extremely loyal and courageous. You can depend on them to get your life back on track. If you need emotional support, then they would be there to help you out through your tough times.

Dogs are loyal and they develop a strong bond. The important thing is that they become aware of your tendencies. They know when you might be sad or acting in an odd manner. They then react with the necessary actions to help you get out of it. Also, since you might not appreciate the company, they will help you stay in touch with other people. You will be spending time taking care of it as well as grooming and spending time with it.

There are plenty of choices and you can choose the one that best suits your lifestyle. You need to consider the financial situation and spacing constraints as well before you get one. For more information, do visit visit

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