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10 signs of a legit emotional support animal letter - 2022 Guide

Emotional support is essential for humans. Sometimes, all it takes to get out of mental stress and fatigue is to have a comforting company. However, it might be hard to come by when you are in a state of anxiety and stress. That is why animals tend to be the perfect replacement. But to keep an ESA you must have the necessary paperwork to back it up. You do not need any registration or certification. All you need is an ESA Letter and that too from a reliable source. Since the document would grant you rights, it has to be reliable and authentic. So if you want to know how to tell an authentic letter, here are some tips.

Signs to Lookout For

  • The letter has to be on a letterhead. It will ensure that you have put your faith in a legitimate service provider. The letterhead should have all the necessary information regarding the company from where you are applying to get the letter.

  • The application for the letter will be reviewed by a licensed medical practitioner. If the service provided includes this, then the letter would be legitimate.

  • The letter shall be signed by the expert medical practitioner

  • The various essential details such as contact details and address of practice of the medical expert shall also be included. An emotional support animal letter has to be perfect and must be acceptable to others. You must put your trust in the best letter providers.

  • The letter will contain details about the problem you are suffering. This has to be in line with the ones in the DSM manual. The manual contains details about various mental issues that require an ESA. if your condition is covered, then it makes you eligible for it.

  • The letter shall contain confirmation that there is indeed a need for the letter. This is mainly because you might not be able to perform day-to-day activities. These details have to be clearly mentioned.

  • The letter will also contain a statement that you really do need an esa letter for housing and that it is a necessary element of your treatment. This is mandatory as it establishes the need to keep an ESA with you at all times.

  • The letter must be acceptable for various authorities such as for airlines, landlords, etc. it is only then that it will be able to grant you access to the necessary rights.

  • It will not be promoted under the tag of a certification or a registration. Those things are completely fake and should not be mixed with the authentic letter.

  • Finally, the way of handling all the steps should promote professionalism. The service providers need to maintain their customer base and that is why they should help you out with everything through proper customer service. If you are unable to find these things, then there are chances that the final product that you shall receive will also be a fake one.

Getting the letter is a great step towards finding relief from all your tensions. Remember, your issues are something that can be improved through proper treatment and ESA is a big part of it. You can choose any ESA as long as it fits your needs and the requirements. You may like to choose from some elegant cats or from a list of best guard dogs. Whatever the case might be you will get the necessary treatment you deserve in return. For more information regarding an ESA letter visit

As long as you have a legitimate reason to own an ESA, there will be others who are willing to adapt according to your need. The main thing is that you be professional and always keep the proof of your ESA. Once that issue is taken care of, then, believe me, there will be no issues when you have to keep the ESA with you at all times.

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