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⌅Swiss Change Number⌅ +1-888-570-2696 ⌅Swiss Airlines Flight Change Policy Number⌅

Swiss airlines flight Change policy

Swiss airlines flight Change number

Policy @+1888**{570}⇁2696⌅ Swiss Airlines Flight Change

Policy @+1888**{570}⇁2696⌅ Swiss Airlines Flight Change Number

How can I change my booking?

If you want to change your booking, you can do so via the "Change My Booking" functionality on A few restrictions do apply, some are outlined in this FAQ section. If you are unable to find the answer to your question, please do contact your travel agent or, if you have booked your ticket directly with SWISS, your local service center.

Which tickets can be rebooked via

The ticket number must start with 724 (SWISS ticket no./plate).

The ticket was not paid for by barter or voucher (there are exceptions to voucher payments; if the ticket was paid for in full by voucher, then it may be possible to rebook online under certain circumstances. If it is not possible to rebook online because of the payment method, then you will be informed accordingly during the rebooking process).

There must be an active flight booking for your ticket. It is not possible to rebook open tickets or tickets without the corresponding flight segments online at the moment.

It is currently only possible to rebook outbound (one-way) tickets or return tickets with single flight routes (point-to-point) online.

Which tickets/bookings cannot be rebooked online currently?

Bookings containing flight segments with other airlines

Bookings containing reservations, where a ticket has not yet been issued

Bookings with several valid tickets for the same person and route

Tickets with a status other than O (open) (A)

Bookings with segments with a status other than OK (e.g. containing flight segments with the status Waitlist) (HK|RR)

Tickets that do not display the tariff calculation (IT tickets)

Bookings that contain special services (e.g. transportation of animals/transportation of medical equipment/transportation of special sporting equipment etc.)

Tickets that are part of a group booking

Tickets on which the booking class (RBD) does not correspond to the tariff code (FareBase)

Am I allowed to make changes to my online redemption booking?

Redemption bookings can not yet be changed on

What changes can I make on my ticket?

You can change the flight and the travel dates. Change of origin and destination or name changes are not possible online.

After I have made changes to the itinerary online, can I make another change?

If the fare condition allows it, it is possible to make multiple changes to the itinerary.

Can a name be changed after a booking is made?

The correct name(s) of the customer traveling need to be entered in a booking. The first and last name of the passenger traveling needs to be entered exactly as in the travel documents. Entering a middle name is optional and can be added in the first name field. However, there is a character limitation for this field.

Your first and middle name is stored by the system spelled together without spaces. This is not a mistake and does not affect your booking.

Any subsequent name changes, including adding names to a ticket, are not allowed once the booking is completed.

Is it possible to apply the changes only to some of the passengers in the same booking? Can the name or number of travelers be changed?

The changes will always be applied to all passengers traveling together. Changes to the passenger name or number of passengers is not possible online.

Until what time before departure can a flight be rebooked online?

The minimum time before departure for online rebookings depends on your departure airport. If you are departing from a Swiss airport, then you can rebook online up to three hours before departure. A message will be displayed if you fall short of the minimum time to be observed.

Please note that the minimum time to observe refers both to your current flight and to the new one of your choice.

If the chosen tariff is cheaper, will I be refunded the difference?

No, online refunds are not currently possible. If the rebooking results in a refund, it cannot be carried out for that reason. You will receive a message informing you of this with the request to contact your booking center. The rebooking will not be carried out online.

Will any differences in airport taxes be refunded online, if the new flight choice is cheaper?

No, online refunds are currently not possible. If your flight tariff includes a rebooking charge, then the payment for the airport taxes will be taken and the rebooking can be made online.If your flight tariff does not include a rebooking charge, then the rebooking and the refund of the resulting airport taxes cannot be carried out online. You will receive a message informing you of this with the request to contact your booking center. The rebooking will not be carried out online.

Why isn't the rebooking made in the same currency as the ticket?

Any calculations associated with the rebooking will be made in the currency of the original country of departure (Point of Commencement). In cases where the ticket was issued in a different currency, it may be that different currencies were used in the calculation (ticket currency for any refunds, currency of departure country for any charges).Unfortunately, it is not possible to rebook online in these cases. You will receive a message informing you of this with the request to contact your booking center for rebooking.

Will my seat reservation be taken into account in the rebooking?

If there is a fee for changing the seat reservation, please contact the Service Center to change your seat reservation. Any additional services that have been booked cannot be taken into account when changing a flight on Please note that any seat reservations that have already been paid for cannot be reimbursed if there are no seats, or no comparable seats, on the new flight.

Will my special meal be included in the rebooking?

Yes, your special meal will be included.

Will my additional passenger details (APIS) be included in the rebooking?

Yes, your APIS details will be included and you do not have to reenter them.

Will the travel insurance obtained from the Europäische Reiseversicherung (European Travel Insurance) through SWISS be included in the new ticket?

Will I be given a new booking reference after rebooking?

No, your booking reference will stay the same after rebooking.

Will I be given a new ticket number after rebooking?

Yes, you will be given a new ticket number after rebooking. This new ticket number must be used for some online services (e.g. Web Check-in)

Will the excess baggage paid for in advance be included in the new booking?

Excess baggage paid for in advance cannot be included when rebooking. Please note that you will have to buy a new excess baggage allowance.

Why can the booking class (RBD) of the unchanged flight segment change after the rebooking process?

The rebooking functionality will always search for the best price of your new flight selection. All open flight segments are included in the re-calculation, also those, which you have not requested to change. The booking class (RBD) of all flight segments can be seen in the "Details" Link or in the Box "Your selection".

Can I change my booking after checking in online?

No, only tickets with the status "Open" can be changed online. If you wish to rebook a checked-in flight, please contact your service center as quickly as possible.

How can I be refunded for an unused ticket?

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to be refunded online for unused tickets. If you have bought a refundable ticket and have not yet embarked on your journey, please have your sales center delete the flight segments from your booking in order to prevent a "No-show" status (no refunds will be made for No-shows). If you apply for the refund later, you can use the "Application for refunds for e-tickets" form to apply for the refund of your ticket.

I want to change a flight booking which is part of a package purchased with a Travel Agency. What do I need to consider?

The changes processed on are limited to the flight booking only. No changes to any other service included in your package (e.g. hotel, rental car etc.) will be processed. It is in the sole responsibility of the person processing the flight change on to make sure that the other services, which are part of a package purchased with a Travel Agency, are changed as well. We don’t recommend processing changes to flights, which are part of service packages purchased with a Travel Agency, online but ask you to contact your Travel Agency instead. SWISS shall not be liable for damages resulting from flight changes processed on which result in the desynchronization of services included in Travel Agency service packages.

I want to process an online change to a flight booking which was purchased with a Travel Agency. What do I need to consider?

You can change your flight booking online (for flight bookings which are part of a package booked with a Travel Agency please refer to the Q&A ‘I want to change a flight booking which is part of a package purchased with a Travel Agency. What do I need to consider?’). Your Travel Agency will be able to access your new flight booking, but will not have access to your new electronic ticket. This means any further changes to your electronic ticket will need to be done through SWISS. Please keep this in mind whenever you get in touch with your Travel Agency after having processed a flight change on

If your itinerary has been booked through your company’s Travel Agency, please note that your Corporate Travel Policy may state that any changes to your ticket/flights have to be done via the same agency.









⌅Swiss Change Number⌅ +1-888-570-2696 ⌅Swiss Airlines Flight Change Policy Number⌅

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