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Conflict theory to aid in writing

Types of conflict by cause:

(A) Love Conflict - Conflict that arises out of love.

Two people love each other, and the third (parents, friends, rivals) is against it. One loves, the second does not, but the first goes to the goal despite the protests of the second. And PayForEssay one heroine loves, and the second, and sometimes the third, and there is no way of knowing which one for sure, and the rivals are plotting against each other. And so on.

B) Social and/or domestic - a conflict that arises on the basis of relationships in society.

The simplest example: one neighbor wants to sleep, the other wants to listen to music at full volume. It is not possible to come to an agreement. A more complicated example: the lower classes are dissatisfied with the upper classes, the upper classes do not want to change and help the lower classes to live better. A revolution (or coup attempts).

C) philosophical - a conflict arising from the difference of worldviews and mentalities.

Say, West and East, Southern people and Northern people, traditional culture and chaotic modernity.

D) Psychological - a conflict arising from the breakdown of subtle psychological processes.

For example, college essays for sale when our desires do not coincide with our capabilities, when the human "want" is not realized in the "can". And either the breakdown of psychic needs for what we have, or attempts of double life with the striving for the unattainable by any means, or secret madness with moving to another, imaginary world (and woe to him who prevents to settle there...) begins.

Types of buy assignment conflicts according to implementation in the story:

(A) A local transient plot is a conflict begun and completed in a particular plot. Typical of literature in general.

B) sustained conflict is a conflict that goes beyond a specific plot. The conflict is set, described and justified, but there is no resolution. It is typical of real life, when individual misunderstandings are resolved, but the conflict situation remains.

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