March 4, 2016

Yesterday, I was participating in Farm to Plate, the annual fundraising for Sustainable Food Center at Barr Mansion.

First off, I have to congratulate Barr Mansion for their new and beautiful sustainable ballroom. It was stunning and it made the night so memorable.

The event is a zero waste event which means no disposable serving cups are allowed. I was serving Larb, a spicy minced pork salad w/ mint and cilantro on Radicchio lettuce leaves. Yo...

April 10, 2015

As Spring is wrapping up, I thought I would share this version of spring rolls that I find much easier to make, less chance of breaking the wrapper and definitely much more attractive to look at. Spring in Texas is short lived. Now that it is getting hotter and we won't have our lettuce for very much longer, visit the farmers' markets, grab some lettuce and carrots before it's all gone. You can pretty much put anything in there, the more colors, the better....

October 10, 2014

First you have good pork ribs and then you fry them, not much can go wrong between those two. The marinade is super easy and super delicious.  Here is no recip

June 12, 2014

I had this delicious hot smoked salmon sitting in my fridge for a while and didn't get to it. Hot smoked salmon is salmon that is smoked with heat for 6-12 hours and is cooked all the way through. Joe, who used to be at Sunset Valley Farmers' Market back when I started in 2003, brought this in a while ago. His smoked salmon is out of this world. He was doing it to raise funds for Texas River School that he started in 1992. Read more on the school and see so...

April 17, 2014

We have been so busy at Thai Fresh I can hardly find time to post. Things are going well for us and we are so grateful for all the support we get from the community. The neighborhood around us have been so supportive. I just love seeing people strolling along with their babies and stop over at Thai Fresh on the way home or make Thai Fresh a destination for their walk of the evening. Then the press, first we were reviewed in the Statesman, Edible Austin and...

December 10, 2009

New Year has rolled around and I almost didn't notice it. 2009 was a wonderful year and I'm looking forward to another great year to come. An exciting beginning for us this year, we are expanding our store to double to size. We are adding ice cream up to 12 flavors a day, a tea house and yummy baked goods both from Thailand and around the world.

To celebrate the New Year, I thought I would post this recipe for a favorite dish of mine. This is the only dish t...

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